As well as camping at one of our private or public campsites, visitors to the Mara Triangle can also choose from a small number of exclusive camps and lodges that offer game drives in the Triangle. Listed below are the camps and lodges that both use and their guests pay a park fee towards the conservation of the Mara Triangle.   As well as website and contact information, we have included independent TripAdvisor reviews  from guests who have actually stayed at the camps and lodges. Please choose establishments that support both local communities and conservation.

Which camps/lodges are inside the Mara Triangle?

Mara Serena Safari Lodge and Little Governors' Camp are the only accommodations inside the Mara Triangle.

Does Mara Conservancy own any camp/lodge in the Mara Triangle?

No, Mara Conservancy is responsible for overall management of the park (anti-poaching, security, road maintenance, etc) and is not directly involved in tourism.

Can Mara Conservancy help me with my camp/lodge booking?

No, visitors need to contact each camp/lodge directly for the booking.