The illegal trade in ivory has skyrocketed in recent years, and elephants worldwide are being extirpated at an alarming rate.  The Maasai Mara National Reserve is no exception: in 2012, 139 elephants were killed, representing 9-12% of the resident population. Without intervention, the existence of elephants in the Mara is in jeopardy.


The Mara Conservancy currently operates daily anti-poaching/de-snaring patrols that monitor wildlife as well as potential human incursions into the Mara Triangle. In collaboration with partner organizations, Mara Elephant Project and Save the Elephants, Mara Conservancy is able to combine available Global Information System (GIS) information from collared elephants, reports from patrols, and communications with partners to strategically target critical areas for monitoring and law enforcement. The consistent presence of Mara Conservancy’s patrols not only deters poaching efforts in the Mara Triangle, but also facilitates rapid and effective response to reports of illegal activities, both within the Reserve and in the surrounding conservancies.

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