The Mara Conservancy plays an active role in initiating and encouraging conservation efforts within the Maasai Mara National Reserve. A list of our ongoing achievements and goals include:

  1. A reduction of poaching in the Mara Triangle and the surrounding area

  2. Improved infrastructure through road maintenance within the Mara Triangle as well as the access roads to camps and lodges outside of the Triangle

  3. Maintenance of a network of secondary roads and tracks to improve wildlife viewing

  4. Restoration of existing ranger stations and installation of renewable energy and water harvesting systems

  5. Establishment of a transparent and modern, IT-based revenue collection system

  6. Strengthened relationships between the Reserve and the surrounding areas by encouraging community projects

  7. Promotion of responsible eco-tourism principles among camps and lodges

What We've Achieved in 16 Years

  • Arrested 3,476 poachers over the last 16 years. 
  • Collected 45,900 wire snares set by bushmeat poachers.
  • Created safe heaven for the wildlife
  • Local employment
  • Improvement of infrastructure in the park
  • Provided security for local community
  • Provided security for camps & lodges
  • Vaccinated 100,000 community dogs against rabies and canine distemper virus