Please note that Mara Triangle fees are paid according to where visitors stay: if you are staying in the Mara Triangle and are driving through Sekenani Gate on the Narok side, do not pay park fees until you enter the Reserve at Purungat Bridge. When paying for your ticket, visitors are required to present their passports or National ID (driver's licenses are not acceptable) to verify their status in the country. Failure to present the appropriate identification will result in visitors paying the non-resident rate. All tickets can be purchased from KAPS online with a VISA card in Nairobi or upon arrival in the Mara Triangle from an authorised KAPS employee stationed at either Purungat Bridge, Oloololo Gate, or Serena Airstrip.

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* Inside park rates are applicable to guests staying at Mara Serena Safari Lodge and Little Governors’ Camp.

** Resident rates are applicable to residents of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. Visitors are required to present your National ID (for Kenyan citizens) or passport showing work permit or appropriate visa to prove resident status upon entry into the Mara Triangle. Visitors without a valid passport are required to pay the non-resident rates.

***Child rates are applicable to persons 3 to 18 years old. Persons under 3 years are free.

****Student rates are only applicable for individuals aged up to 23 years old, sponsored by a recognized learning institution, with a valid student ID, and visiting the Mara Triangle on a school-organized trip or for research authorized by Mara Conservancy. Students must be authorised at least two weeks in advance. Students visiting the Mara Triangle for personal holidays are not permitted concession rates.

Camping Fees (go to Campsite Booking)



* It is necessary for campers to hire two rangers for nighttime security. Rangers are transported to/from your campsite, and food and accommodation for the rangers are not required. For more details, please see Camping & Booking.



* Landing Fees can be paid at the KAPS Office in Nairobi with cheques made payable to Mara Conservancy.